something at great risk of being broken or damaged.

The antarctic peninsula

In March 2019, myself, along with nine other New Zealanders, travelled down to the Antarctic Peninsula on the Akademic Ioffe with the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

We were selected to take part in their Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition based on our outreach programmes, the method by which we would use our skills to inspire young people to get out and explore new things.

We have now shared the story of our life-changing trip via social media, delivering presentations to hundreds of people, opening an exhibition at the Christchurch Airport and releasing my new song that uses sounds I recorded in the environment to create a piece of music inspired by the Antarctic, The Frozen Wild, to motivate other musicians to use new, unusual sounds in their music.

The set of images below explores the fragility of man in this unforgiving, isolated landscape, but also the fragility of the Antarctic ecosystem - the most unique, delicate family, which, as the ocean warms, has nowhere to run.