7th April 2020 — Marco de Kretser

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my past, present and future

I would say my two biggest passions right now are the environment, and creating, whether that’s music, photography, film or design, I just love creating beautiful, intelligent art with intent and meaning. I’ve always been a creative person with a love for science, but these things collided for the first time in my final year of high school. That summer I had become extremely passionate about the environment, learning about climate change and plastic pollution. That year I was taking photography class, where we had to decide the theme of our 6-month-long final project – it was just a natural fit to base it off this issue I had become so devoted to. Almost everyday for the next several months I was researching and designing ways to convey these ideas through photography. This project took the form of ‘The Botanical Metropolis’, a story about a botanical land of life and how our greed and obsession with plastics poisons us and the land. This assignment later achieved Outstanding Scholarship, placing it within the top 1% of photography students nationwide.

Image from my project 'The Botanical Metropolis'

This project led me to discover a love for environmental media. Starting university, I took up Environmental Science and Communications. I immediately didn’t like the Arts side of my degree, but I quickly fell in love with the incredible, complex processes that run the environment. However I ultimately felt down and depressed. It was a strenuous year of learning how broken the earth is because of us. But in the midst of all that, we had a guest speaker come in from the architectural school and deliver a lecture about the incredible progress in the world of sustainable urban planning. It was so refreshing to hear that this issue is not all doom and gloom. There are actual solutions being implemented right now. It made me truly question the path that I was on, and the goals that I strove for. It is then that I learnt about the bachelor of design. A brand new course that was starting up the following year at the university. A degree focused entirely on creative problem solving. Fast forward to April 2020 and I am now studying design, in conjoint with environmental science, to reframe my perspective on our ecological crisis. I want to use these facts and processes that I learn about in science to inspire more sustainable design.

Image: Polestar Headquarters, polestar.com

So where do my goals stand now? I think at this stage I would love to work for a company whose values are all about leading the charge in sustainable design. I find myself so inspired, reading about these ingenious, creative companies, developing designs that pull us towards a more sustainable future. If I had to name-drop, I would say my favourite brand right now is Polestar, a swedish electric car brand. I am continuously baffled by how beautiful and intelligent their designs are, yet continuing to strive for minimal resource use. It is that kind of perspective that I would like to promote in the world of design.


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Banner Image: Alex Hillary. (2019, March 13). Untitled (From our expedition to Antarctica together).

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