Marco is a New Zealander based in Auckland. He is a creative of all sorts, from documenting still life to intimate portraits, towering landscapes to the animals that inhabit them. He can tell stories with photos, sound and film.

His background in media creation is unique, given that it stemmed from documenting the fantastical environments of virtual worlds, in video games such as Skyrim. It is through this, his ethereal style was born. He now approaches each project in a way to accentuate the subject’s other-worldly detail. To search for and highlight the one-of-a-kind narrative that hides deep within each and every thing on this planet.

He is currently studying Environmental Science and Design at the University of Auckland with a goal to learn more about the issues devastating our planet and to help design solutions to them.

Photos by: Alex Hillary


Please feel free to get in touch about anything regarding my work.

Commissioning, sponsorship, inquiries about prints or for a general conversations about my art, I am all ears.


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