Caustic — An envelope of light rays warped by curved surfaces


Assignment Brief — Design and prototype a lamp for a friend or family

Having learnt various design processes over the course of the semester, we were finally given a project to put our newfound knowledge to work. I loved this assignment right from the start.

The beginning of this assignment coincidentally coincided with my re-obsession with Blade Runner 2049. It is without a doubt my favourite film. From the cinematography, to the music, to the set design, to the acting. Its such a well rounded film with narrative depth and obscurity that is rare in today's big budget films.

The client I chose for this assignment was my Mother, mainly because we talk about creativity and design so often that it seemed like a natural fit. She too loved the visuals of Blade Runner 2049, and watching it with her again started the brain cogs running. There began the design process....



It was an absolute pleasure to work through this assignment. Coming to the end of the whole process and taking a look back at the document made me realise just how far I came; from an unoriginal pendant light, through so many iterations, to something unique, that fits all of the requirements that my client gave to me. Not only that, but to have created something that I am truly proud of from the process is extremely rewarding.

If I was to break the work down into strengths and weaknesses I would say that the experimentation with model making as well as the clean, minimalist, informative layout were my strongest points. However, I still believe that more work could have been done. It would have been useful to 3d render the space and light in order to get the exact relationship between the light and space. The model was quite restrictive due to size when it came to demonstrating the interactions.

Overall, my client loved the design. I asked her if there was anything she would change about the design and mentioned the limited knowledge of what the lamp module on the bottom was like.

If I was to continue the production of this light, my next steps would be to experiment further with different forms for the light module and how they could better the design. At this stage, that part of the light is still relatively undeveloped and more work could be done.